RMMP building

With today’s fractured healthcare system, Red Mountain Medical Plaza strives to be the solution for patients seeking a better healthcare experience. Red Mountain Medical Plaza differentiates itself by providing Superior Care, Comprehensive Services and Greater Access to healthcare.

Superior Care

The physicians at Red Mountain Medical Plaza were selected for their high-quality service and strong reputations in the healthcare community.

Comprehensive Services

Red Mountain Medical Plaza patients can receive the treatments they need when they need it, with open-access to convenient services such as lab work, imaging, physical therapy & rehabilitation and other commonly used outpatient treatments.  The specialty practices at Red Mountain Medical Plaza include doctors who are leaders in orthopedic surgery, physical medicine, pain management, cardiology, podiatry, and dermatology.  These specialists work closely with the primary care physicians at Red Mountain Medical Plaza to coordinate care and maximize effective treatment outcomes.

Greater Access to Healthcare

Red Mountain Medical Plaza provides patients with unprecedented access, making healthcare more accessible by:

  • Striving to see patients on the same day they have healthcare needs.
  • All healthcare under one roof for convenience
  • Breaking down barriers that often deter patients from receiving the care they need, when they need it.

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